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Yu-Gi-Oh! Star Rider is a fanfiction written by an author obviously obnoxious enough to think his fanfiction deserves its own wikia. I mean if you read what he wrote for it, he made it sound like it was an innovative new Yu-Gi-Oh! series - giving off the impresson this was been made by the people who made Yu-Gi-Oh!, and that it was a treat the information provided on this wikia was coming directly from the creator. It's a fanfiction! Of course any information will come from the author!

Oh and please leave Final Fantasy VII alone!


Surge Of DelightEdit

I am the very temple of delight... veiled melancholy has her soverigned shrine. Those seen of none.... save him... whose tongue can burst joy's grape against his pallet... His soul shall taste the sadness of her might, and be among her cloudly trophies...

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